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adel salem algaferi advocate - عادل سالم الغافري

​Al Ghaferi Law Firm and Legal Consultations is considered one of the best international law firms in the Emirates, covering a wide range of diverse legal fields with a team of expert lawyers who are always working to research and advance in their fields to meet clients’ needs. Our lawyers can provide strategic and legal guidance on various forms of business, corporate and international commercial matters covering areas such as commercial and corporate law including international commercial arbitrations, mergers and acquisitions, finance and banking, employment law, intellectual property law, international and domestic trademark protection and even Restructuring and Insolvency Law.

Global services with many years of experience

​Al-Ghaferi Law Firm is unique in providing all legal services with global expertise and a broad understanding of the legal environment. Providing the best level of legal solutions at the local and international levels, whether settling disputes amicably or judicially in accordance with the provisions of the law in our office in the heart of Sharjah. By integrating the expertise of a work team consisting of an elite group of the most qualified lawyers specialized in various fields of law, our strength lies in providing legal services with global performance standards and an excellent level of effectiveness in quality and time.

Legal advice

​We are proud to provide legal advice from the most qualified and experienced lawyers and with the support of the largest lawyers specialized in various fields of law. We are ready to provide legal advice and opinions on various issues for individuals and companies while providing the best legal solutions.

Establishing companies

Do you want to establish a company?
We work to provide support for the work of various companies with an outstanding level of performance. We provide support in establishing various types of companies in Egypt and the Emirates, preparing articles of incorporation and internal regulations, in addition to helping clients choose the type of company, and providing support in all stages of establishment and preparation


Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and experience, the organization’s lawyers are proficient in dealing with individuals and companies through legal representation before various judicial bodies, including criminal, commercial, financial, and civil courts, and others such as judicial committees, and they exert their utmost efforts to achieve the interest and desired result for our clients. We are also proud of our clients’

Dispute Resolution

The institution specializes, according to unconventional methods, in managing and resolving disputes through consensual legal settlement in all financial and family disputes, such as dividing estates, commercial disputes between partners, and other disputes between individuals, companies, and various institutions. By working within legal principles

Services we provide

companies Family

Family Business Lawyers Simply, a business that is run or with the majority of the ownership belonging to two orl

Criminal law

Financial Crime Lawyers in UAE Any non-violent olense that results in a Inancial loss is considered as a |nancial]

Corporate governance

Corporate Governance Law Simply, the corporate governance exists so people in a company will know their duties and|


The Foundation works to provide legal and procedural assistance to protect the rights of clients to preserve theirl

Commercial Law

Commercial Consultancy Services Commercial law or business law is the body of law that regulates the conduct|

Money markets

Capital Market Lawyers in Dubai The capital markets are those markets where securities (equity and debt) arel

Islamic communication

Banking Law & Islamic Banking In every aspect of the world, there is a set of rules that govern areas in order tol

Arbitration and conciliation

Arbitration & Reconciliation Lawyers in Dubai This is one of the four types of alternative dispute resolution.|

why us

Trust is our motto

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Fast legal solutions

Customer satisfaction is our priority

Lawyers are experts in various fields of law and issues

What distinguishes our office from other law firms is our uniqueness in legal specializations that require first-class legal expertise and strategic thinking. We are proud to have our partners who specialize in various fields of law, and are ready to support our valued clients in all possible ways to achieve their goals in the fastest time and with the highest possible quality. In our endeavor to become the best law firm in the Emirates in the near future

International issues

We provide adequate support from studies and consultations to all our local and international clients in litigation through international courts. Through experience in international law, we will support you with an experienced international lawyer ready to take on your international cases and work to achieve your goals in international commercial arbitration

Commercial issues

Commercial cases require lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience, so hiring a commercial lawyer is an important decision to ensure the client’s rights. With more than 30 years of experience in commercial cases, we guarantee victory in this type of case that helps you achieve your business goals

Financial issues

Our office includes a group of the most famous banking and public funds lawyers who are experienced in financial and banking issues with more than 30 years of experience. Our office includes a bad check lawyer, a bank lawyer, compensation cases and other various financial specializations

Criminal cases

Are you looking for a criminal lawyer who will defend and plead before the criminal courts, pledging to support you? With the Commercial and Maritime Group, we will support you with the best criminal lawyer who handles criminal cases, attends investigations before the Public Prosecution, and focuses his effort and experience on achieving victory in your case