Money markets

Capital Market Lawyers in Dubai

The capital markets are those markets where securities (equity and debt) are traded. The presence of the capital market helps boost economic growth by offering a number of options for financing businesses through various financial instruments. On the other hand, it gives an opportunity for individuals and businesses with regard to investment opportunities in various investment instruments, so that they can generate an adequate return for their funds. Essentially, capital market functions as a financial intermediary in order to channel funds from savers to borrowers. This is composed of suppliers and users of funds. The former is formed with charitable foundations, pension funds, insurance companies, etc. in its group. The latter is comprised of non-financial companies, purchasers of houses and vehicles, etc. Basically, capital markets are activities that put together funds that can be used to help other organizations with their activities that they need help with. The purpose of this is for entities to not worry about conducting search and analysis, creating legal agreements, and completing funds transfer.

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