Arbitration and conciliation

Arbitration & Reconciliation Lawyers in Dubai

This is one of the four types of alternative dispute resolution. Arbitration is about settling issues and problems without bringing them to the courts. Because of the stress and expense that will be spent on litigation, it is advisable to resolve cases in arbitration, which is a less formal procedure, that takes place in arbitral tribunal and is totally legal. In this process, a professional arbitrator is a neutral third party who will serve as a judge and decide on the matter that the dispute is about. This individual will oversee everything and ensure that there is proper communication between the two parties. The parties can choose an expert in the field that the dispute is about for them to be sure that the matter will be decided fairly and practically based on proper and correct objectives of the certain field. The arbitration process involves each side presenting their issue to the arbitrator in advance by use of a written memorandum allowing the arbitrator to comprehend it and later provide them the available evidence once proceedings commence. The arbitral awards are generally binding and considered to be fair since expertise involves in decision making. Breakdown of Arbitration There are a couple of things that needs to be understood with regard to arbitration. For people to grasp the idea of arbitration more, arbitration needs to be broken down into the procedures that usually takes place and people follow when they opt to avoid lengthy litigation and settle matters in arbitration.

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